Celestial Beings - Angels

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Angels and Cherubs

angel with heartAngels are seen usually as benevolent celestial beings who act as messengers between heaven and earth. Most visual representations of Christian angels in paintings are of haloed human figures in robe and sporting golden wings. Angels are different than nymphs and fairies who are believed to exist as imortal, divine spirits who love to dance and sing in the forests and meadows. Fairies are mythical creatures, human in appearance, with magical powers. Fairies love to play mischief on people and can play such pranks as tangling a sleeping child's hair into elf-locks.

Winged Angels and Cherubs

Angels make wonderful Advent projects and hobby craft you can use as patterns for Christian woodworking projects, Christian embroidery artwork, etching glass, apply stenciling designs to your walls or ceramics, etc. Color and laminate to create hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree or to hang on the dash rear view mirror to bring an angel on board for those daring trips to the grocery store.