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Bird Chrismons

pelican motherBirds and butterflies both represent spiritual rebirth and have a rich heritage and cultural signifigance attached. The doves is almost universally accepted as a symbol of peace and innocence. Spiritual attributes assigned to birds by various cultures include: soul, fulfillment of wishes, fertility, prophetic knowledge, prowess in war, transcendence, spirits of air, ascent, communication, freedom, deliverance, God's forgiveness and sight. In Pysanky egg painting folk art, birds are usually shown with extravagant tails and patterned bodies and most often are shown in full profile to display the decorative features of the species.

In Celtic mythology birds represented prophetic knowledge, bloodshed, and skill. Rusyns believe it good luck to have a swallow in the house and bad luck to kill a swallow. Ancient Greeks believed the bird of Athena (dove) represented the renewal of life.