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Symmetrical Tile Sun Catchers

bright startile1200Symmetrical Tile Backgrounds

Most of these faux stained glass tile images were created by sending Scissocraft images through my old Paint Shop Pro graphics kaleidoscope feature.  If your paint program has this feature, and it probably does, you can create your own beautiful patterns. These patterns are also available to print as gift wrap on papergiftwrap.com, for free of course.

I find it very entertaining to see how many different shapes I can make with other images, so am always always experimenting with the kaleidoscope.  Sometimes I find great faith-based images and sometimes I find great (weird) alien creatures, which I place in papecropcircles.com of course because, why waste a good alien image, right?

Save these kaleidoscope tile images and color with your paint program to make printable gift wrap, place mats, background images for the PC or photograph backgrounds.

Trace the kaleidoscope designs onto colorful foam sheets or felt cloth and make wall hangings and window covers. Apply the tile patterns to needlework or embroidery to create treasured gifts and family heirlooms to hand down to future generations.