Cross Chrismon Patterns

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Scissorcraft offers low cost, Ad-free subscriptions.   Only $15.00 per year for thousands of quality, personally illustrated, educational graphics for children of any age or skill level.
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This small collection of Christian cross images may be useful as patterns for a variety of purposes including simple coloring book fun for kids at Sunday school class. These images represent historic Christian theme designs that are well known and easily recognized. Apply the patterns to articles of clothing as applique or needle point. Groups and organizations providing educational activities for children will be happy to know Chrismons craft patterns and templates may be used for teaching children a variety of crafty skills.

Christian Cross Patterns

Cross patterns can easily be applied to scroll saw woodworking to make splendid wooden Christmas ornaments. Chrismon designs can just as easily be used for embroidery, needlepoint, crochet and other cloth artwork or make impressive-looking latch-hook rugs and wall hangings. Apply patterns to glass etching techniques or creatively sponge paint stenciling designs to trim your walls or ceramics or decorate wooden furniture. When you finish with this section, you can find several hundred more of these wonderful over sized black and white and pre-colored images here.