Geometric and Symbolic

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gemelring1200Geometric and Symbolic

Chrismon images for creating unique, hand-made ornaments for homes and churches. The symbols represent biblical and theological concepts that are well known and easily recognized. Some presented here are adaptations of pictorial figures, metaphorical emblems or literary allusions, or geometric shapes with specific meaning in the context of Christian art or worship.

Symbolic Printable Images

Trace designs onto colorful foam sheets and have the children create their own soft ornament decorations. Apply these patterns to needlework or embroidery and create treasured gifts and family heirlooms that will last for many years. Chrismon designs are also fantastic for making beaded holiday or holy day decorations. Trace the designs onto white or yellow felt sheets and stitch colorful sequins and beads to the designs for dazzling displays.

Print and color these images with Crayons or markers. Laminate your favorites to make permanent or long-lasting ornaments that can be used as unique gifts for relatives and friends.